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Check out some delicious and easy Dutch apple pie recipes. Read the article to find the recipes... A perfect dish in every sense, read the guzzle article to find out how it's made. This Italian sauce is used as a taste-maker in several recipes, the most popular being pence. Always delicious. Try these old-age recipes, and add a vintage touch to your food menu. Let's take a look at the different kinds of pork cuts and how many calories each kind contains. Now, put it into an air tight box and let it refrigerate overnight. There are several alternatives that can be used as substitutes for an egg wash. How do they help the kids learn about food and nutrition?

This Unilever Brand Paired Up People With the Same Taste in Food to See if They Fell in Love | Adweek

The 177-year-old Unilever brand's thinking? That if it paired up people who like the same kind of food, it might spark a romantic connection. The approach makes sense; according to the brand's research, people are more likely to be attracted to each other if they have the same taste in food. And of course, it's not surprising that the effort, called "#LoveAtFirstTaste," comes from First Kiss director Tatia Pilieva, who seems to excel at getting strangers to be intimate. "We matched singles who'd never met before through flavor profiles and watched what happened,"said Ukonwa Ojo, senior global director at Knorr. "We thought it would be great to bring to life the ability of flavor to help you understand yourself and to help you connect with others via a social experiment. The brand is really all about flavor." The digital campaign, which comes from creative shop MullenLowe, used a 12-question quiz to match the singles to their flavor profiles. Each profile has a cheeky name like Salty Adventurer, Roasted Romantic, Gracious Grazer, Tangy Dynamo, Meaty Warrior, Spicy Rebel, Sweet Sensualist, Deep Sea Dreamer, Rustic Ranger, Earthy Idealist, Potent Provocateur or Melty Indulger. Consumers can find out what their own flavor profiles are on Knorr's website. That profiles help Knorr connect consumers with tailored recipes and products, which in turn helps "improve their experience with cooking and with Knorr's overall suite of products," said Ojo. Knorr, which is Unilever's largest food brand, typically releases product campaigns. This campaign is the second brand-oriented approach for Knorr. (Last year's "Flavor of Home" was the first .) "We were trying to figure out if flavor would be a fast track to some kind of emotional connection," said Tom Hudson, global creative director for MullenLowe. For some of the couples it did, in fact, help foster a connection. "It was great to see the chemistry that did unfold between these couples," said Ojo.

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Take a look at the list of different cold foods... When the rice is done, serve hot. If yes, then read the following article for the recipes and a clear explanation on what glutinous rice flour really is... Chicken is always a good option for any occasion. This is a dish that can be prepared easily with fried pork chops and a simple onion gravy. Here are some easy and great recipes for making mouthwatering fried chicken.

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